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On this Google site, you will find general information about our Algebra class and my expectations for you.  Also, you'll see a calendar, and links to class handouts - all to help you enjoy learning become a successful Algebra student!

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Mary Lou Rohwer

1st Hour: 7:45-8:37
2nd Hour: 8:42-9:34
3rd Hour: 9:39-10:31
4th Hour: 10:36-11:31
Lunch: 11:36-12:06
5th Hour: 12:11-1:04
6th Hour: 1:09-2:02
7th Hour: 2:07-3:00
Algebra 1 - Room 2.135
Algebra 1 - Room 2.135
Plan - Room 2.135
DLR - Room 2.137

DLR - Room 2.137
DLR - Room 2.137
DLR - Room 2.137